Monday, December 8, 2008

Buy an AeroCar

From Wired Get Your Own Vintage Flying Car for $3.5 Million
"Just six Aerocars were ever built, and they did fly when they were built. Marilyn Felling bought Aerocar No. 2 more than 25 years ago, but never restored it. She insists it has been examined by a mechanic and could be made airworthy in a few hours. Of course, N103D hasn't flown since the Ford Administration, so that may be optimistic.

Still — how cool would it be to own a flying car that'll do 60 mph on the highway and 110 in the air? Just think of the joy you'd feel. And if you can't think of enough good reasons to own it, the folks at have spelled them out for you.

You can pick one up "for inclusion in your private collection." Or if you're feeling philanthropic, buy one "for a donation to your favorite museum." Maybe your kids or grandkids would appreciate it "as a legacy for the heirs of your estate. "Our favorite is the promise of "a 1031 property exchange," though we have no idea what that means. "

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